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The Kingkey 100, whose former name is Kingkey Finance Center Plaza, is a supertall skyscraper in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It is located in Shenzhen’s Luohu District in an area which can be described as the financial district.

The mixed-use building is set to rise 441.8 meters and contain 100 floors for office space and a hotel. Out of those 100 floors, 68 contain 173,000 square meters of Class A office space, 22 stories for a 35,000 square meters six-star business hotel and the top four floors of the skyscraper holds a garden and several restaurants. The building’s lower levels feature the KK Mall, which opened its doors on Nov 26, 2010, and contains luxury brand stores, restaurants and a supermarket. The KK Mall also hosts Shenzhen’s first IMAX cinema.

The St. Regis Hotel occupies floors 75 to 98 of the main tower, which opened in September 2011.

Kingkey 100 is currently the tallest building in Shenzhen as well as being on the tallest buildings in southern China and the world’s eighth highest building. The 100-floor skyscraper is not only a new card for Shenzhen to dialogue with global finance, but also a new starting point for China to influence the global economic landscape.

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