Grimshaw Architects completes Cutty Sark renovation  2012-04-21 11:23:33  Popularity Index:0  Source:Internet

Grimshaw Architects’ renovation of the Cutty Sark neared completion this week, paving the way for the ship to re-open to the public on April 26.

The Tea Clipper, which was partially destroyed by a fire six years ago, sits in Greenwich, south-east London, and is the only remaining vessel of its kind. It has now been restored and raised 3.3m into the air within a dry berth, revealing the hull and allowing visitors to walk underneath for the first time in an enveloping glass canopy. This space also showcases a collection of more than 80 ships’ figureheads and features digital displays.

Richard Doughty, director of the Cutty Sark Trust, said: “Our solution, a world first, will secure Cutty Sark’s future so that she can continue to inspire many new generations of adventurers.”

The Queen will officially open the Cutty Sark next Wednesday.