Natural Stone Jewelry Design to Interpret Trends  2011-08-02 11:06:01  Popularity Index:0  Source:Internet
Azul Macabus Jewelry Design
At natural stone jewelry exhibition, it can not only appreciate to the Chinese local exquisite jade carving, the jewelry, the overseas luxurious moving top color is valuable, can also appreciate to the charm four shoots domestic and foreign dresses up the mold; The F1 vehicle race simulated the challenge tournament also to do in the exhibition scene has laughed uproariously fully, not only may experience ultra real drives the experience, the finals champion will also obtain by the diamond bird the support besets with by half carat diamond the dazzling diamond ring. Compared with domestic business who gathers together, the overseas business also gradually fell in love with the Chinese market, a New Zealand's jewelry group has brought the hook retrievable arrow with a string attached to it series the jasper work, this series take the pacific islands fisherman's fishhook as a main source, take the color variegated natural jasper as the material, has created a series of personalized design work, had sharply may catch the shark the radical hook, had full smooth hook of the wealth,