How to Make a Corner With Stone Pavers  2010-09-28 11:41:05  Popularity Index:0  Source:Internet

Stone pavers are available in many sizes, colors and textures to complement outdoor décor. Laying stone pavers on a patio, under a picnic area or designing sidewalks in a yard involves corners on the outermost edges of the project. Making 90-degree corners for a finished appearance necessitates cutting pavers so they fit in the project in smooth lines.
Lay the corner stone paver in place on the sand bed. A portion of the paver will be above the sand and outside the sand bed to form the end of a row or a corner.

Pull the tip out of a measuring tape to extend one-and-a-half times the length of the stone paver on the corner.

Lock the measuring tape and lay it on top of the paver where it needs cutting to fit in a corner.

Draw along the tape measure line with a grease pen to mark the area to cut.

Flip the paver over, place it in the same position and mark the cut line in the same manner with a grease pen.

Pick the paver up and set it on a board or other hard surface.

Set a chisel with the tip down on the grease line near the middle of the paver.

Strike the chisel top with a hammer using light force to make an indentation in the paver. Continue indenting the paver on this side to both edges of the mark. Turn the paver over on the board and mark the second side in the same manner.

Turn the paver over to the first side and chisel in the indentation. Use medium force to strike the chisel with the hammer to cut about halfway through the paver. Turn the paver over and use medium force to continue cutting the paver to size for the corner.

Lay the paver in the sand bed on the corner of the sidewalk or area of coverage.

Tap the paver in place with a rubber mallet and light force to set it.