Second blow for Farrells' Skylines Village  2012-05-07 13:54:14  Popularity Index:0  Source:Internet

Terry Farrells’ Skylines Village project for London’s Docklands has been hit by a new setback.

The mixed-use regeneration scheme was rejected by Tower Hamlets planners at the end of 2010 because of its excessive scale and the height of a 164m tower..

Now Design Council Cabe has criticised the scheme’s latest iteration and recommended planning should not be granted until a more “coherent” landscape design is proposed.

“Currently, the landscape design appears non-specific and disconnected from the architecture surrounding it,” DCC’s design review panel said.

“We think that the public square at Limeharbour and Marsh Wall, the communal space inside the development and the pavements along the two roads require further design evolution to achieve this quality.”

However the panel praised the architecture, dual-aspect flats and generous ceiling heights.

“In principle, we commend the proposed striated organisation of the buildings and support their height and composition,” they wrote.

“However, their success depends on their relationship with the landscape… the proposed elevational treatment seems to relate to its context and we think they have the potential to form a successful ensemble.”

Skylines include 806 residential units, offices and hotel, retail, leisure and education space.