How to Resurface a Countertop With Thin Granite  2010-09-16 09:43:10  Popularity Index:0  Source:Internet

Installing a single-slab granite counter top is not something a do-it-yourselfer can realistically do, but thin granite tiles are a workable alternative. Granite tile is more expensive than most other forms of tile, but the results are worth the money. It's an especially good material for resurfacing a counter top, because it's both attractive and durable. Make sure the granite is polished and sealed. Start with a clean, solid counter top surface that's completely dry and free of any gloss. Use non-sanded grout to avoid scratching the tile.

Measure for the middle of the counter top, marking it and making a line, from front to back, with your level and pencil. Bring the line down around the front vertical edge of the counter top as well.

Measure the depth of the front vertical edge (2 inches is standard). Use your wet-saw to cut granite tiles at that width.

Spread thin-set mortar over the vertical front edge with your mortar trowel. Press your cut tiles in place, beginning on either side of the vertical center line that you marked. Put spacers between the tiles as you hang them.

Set your level over the surface of the tiles, and press them, to level out the tops with each other.

Spread thin-set mortar over the top of the counter top. Lay tiles along the front, beginning on either side of the center line that you drew. The fronts of the tiles should cover the sides of the thin cut tiles that you hung along the front edge of the counter top.

Spread more mortar and set more tiles, working your way out toward the sides and back of the counter. Stop after every few tiles and even out the tops by pressing your level over them. Use your wet-saw to cut the pieces at the edges as needed.

Take out the spacers. Let the mortar set for a day.

Spread non-sanded grout over the entire tiled surface with your grout float. Press the grout into the spaces between the tiles while scraping it off the tile face. Use a sponge to wipe off the residual grout.